Kenston @ Chardon
Sunday, October 6, 2019
By Staff

One of the most significant games on the schedule for week 7 is a matchup between the Kenston Bombers and the Chardon Hilltoppers. Both teams have a solid likelihood of making the playoffs, the Bombers projected to finish 7th in Region 9 and the Hilltoppers projected to finish 5th in Region 9. The Hilltoppers are projected to take home the victory on Friday by a score of 33-26. Chardon, the 76th-ranked team in the state, host a fellow top-100 team this week as Kenston comes into the game ranked 20th. For the Hilltoppers, a hard-fought home victory would definitely be a momentum boost. However, the Bombers come in expecting to steal one on the road and the momentum along with it. The teams have played each other in each of the last five years so neither is likely to surprise the other. Over their last 5 matchups, the Hilltoppers have won 4, a trend they hope to continue. In last year's installment, the Hilltoppers came out on top by a score of 27-24.

Kenston comes into the game on a 6-game winning streak. After last week's 37-21 win against the South Rebels, they are 6-0 and look to continue the positive momentum. A top team in the division on both sides of the ball, they score an average of 41.5 points per game on offense, which ranks 4th in Division 3, and allow an average of 8.3 points per game, ranking 5th in the division.

After a 52-21 win against the Brush Arcs brought their record to 4-2, Chardon will be looking to carry that momentum over and earn another victory. The Hilltoppers defense ranks 24th in Division 3, giving up 15.5 points per game. On offense, they score an average of 29.7 points per game, which ranks 37th in their division.

Prediction: Chardon to win (80.49% chance of victory) 

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