Massillon @ Warren G Harding
Sunday, September 8, 2019
By Staff

The Massillon Tigers are heading into a week 3 matchup in which they're projected to win by a score of 37-27 over the Warren G Harding Raiders. While they go into Friday with a 96.55% chance of victory, the game isn't played on paper and the Tigers will need to earn it on the field. Warren G Harding, the 53rd-ranked team in the state, host a fellow top-100 team this week as Massillon comes into the game ranked 3rd. This is an unpredictable matchup as the Tigers, projected favoritees, will have to defeat the Raiders on their home field. Not only is it unpredictable from a standpoint of who will come out on top, but also whether it'll be a close game or a decisive victory for one of these teams. One of the more familiar matchups of week 3, both teams know what to expect. Massillon will hope to continue the recent trend, in which they've won 3 of the last 5 matchups. In last year's installment, the Tigers came out on top by a score of 51-21.

While it's a little early to be talking about playoffs, Massillon would be extremely disappointed if they missed out on the postseason - after losing in the State Championship in 2018 to the Hoban Knights by a score of 42-28, the Tigers are poised to make another run at the playoffs. Coming in with a projected regular season record of 10-0 and a high probability of making the playoffs, the goal is to improve each week so they can make a deep run when the time comes. They've been proficient thus far on both sides of the ball. Their offense ranks 1st in Division 2, scoring an average of 49.5 points per game. Their defense, giving up just 13.5 points per game, ranks 22nd in the division.

Warren G Harding may need to make some improvements in order to reach the playoffs again in 2019. After reaching the Regional Quarterfinals in 2018, they are projected to finish the season 12th in the regional playoff standings. Last week, a 56-0 win against the Rhodes Rams brought their record to 1-1. They'll need every win they can get moving forward to make a repeat playoff appearance. They score an average of 41.5 points per game, which ranks 8th in Division 2. Defensively, they allow 16 points per game, ranking 32nd in the division.

Prediction: Massillon to win (96.55% chance of victory) 

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