River View @ Ridgewood
Monday, September 2, 2019
By HighSchoolBall.com Staff

The River View Black Bears head into week 2 with the odds stacked against them as they take on the Ridgewood Generals, a 38-point favorite. Ridgewood has a 99.97% chance of coming out on top so this one isn't likely to leave much up to the imagination. The Generals come into the game ranked 7th in Division 5 while the Black Bears comes in ranked 90th in Division 4. River View comes into the game looking for a major upset while Ridgewood looks to do what their fans are expecting from them. A new game on the schedule for both teams, it should shape out as an unpredictable affair. Strategically, this might lead to complications that could throw off the gameplan of either team.

River View is towards the bottom of the pack in terms of playoff probability, but it's extremely early in the season to make any definitive conclusions. With a win this week, the Black Bears hope to turn the tables and prove themselves capable of surpassing their projected record for the season of 2-8. One of the best defensive performances for any Division 4 team in week 1 is something to get excited about - typically, the defenses are more likely to struggle early on in the season. After their season-opening 19-7 win against the Hebron Lakewood Lancers, the Black Bears will look to improve offensively and maintain their defensive dominance as they look to put together a successful start to the 2019 season.

Ridgewood comes off of an appearance in the Regional Semifinals, where they lost to the Meadowbrook Colts and finished the season 10-2. This year, they hope to build upon 2018's success and make yet another playoff appearance. The Generals hope their offense will be equally as proficient this week after they seemed to score at will in the season-opening 49-15 win against the Northwestern Huskies. This week, expect them to continue scoring and look for some improvements on the defensive side of the ball as well.

Prediction: Ridgewood to win (99.97% chance of victory) 

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