Firestone @ Lakeview
Sunday, September 8, 2019
By Staff

One of the most competitive matchups of week 3 pits the Lakeview Bulldogs against the Firestone Falcons. The Bulldogs are projected to win by a score of 22-20 in what is essentially a toss-up game. In one that could easily go either way, they'll each take the field with something to prove. A new matchup on the schedule for each team, Friday's game is a chance for each to test its skills and strategies against an unfamiliar opponent. Usually, matchups from the previous year are used in developing a strategy for upcoming games. For these two, no such opportunity will be afforded.

Firestone is towards the bottom of the pack in terms of playoff probability. However, with a win this week, they hope to turn the tables and prove themselves capable of surpassing their projected record for the season of 1-9. They could use some improvement on both sides of the ball - on offense, they rank 93rd in Division 2 with 9 points per game; on defense, they give up 45 points per game, which ranks 98th.

For Lakeview, while it is early in the season, playoffs would be a bit of a stretch. Projected to finish the regular season with a 1-9 record, they come into this week projected to finish 25th in the regional playoff standings. The Bulldogs aren't particularly dominant on either side of the ball. On offense, they rank 89th in Division 4 with 10 points per game. Their defense, which gives up 30.5 points per game, ranks 74th in their division.

Prediction: Lakeview to win (77.64% chance of victory) 

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