Granville @ Bishop Hartley
Sunday, November 10, 2019
By Staff

The Bishop Hartley Hawks are looking to mount a deep playoff run, which they hope will end in a state championship, continuing after last week's win with a game they're projected to win 36-16 over the Granville Blue Aces. It's do or die for each team as always in the postseason. Regardless of the outcome, each team can take comfort in the fact that they had a successful enough season to get here, but only one team will be satisfied with the result as the other's season will end on a loss. The Blue Aces rank 13th in the division while the Hawks rank 1st. The teams did not appear on each other's schedules last season, which presents a degree of unpredictability. Stylistically and schematically, past matchups are often used as a guiding tool. This week, however, each team will likely take time to adjust to an unfamiliar opponent, which should make for some added excitement.

Granville comes into the game on a 2-game winning streak. After last week's 41-7 win against the Zanesville Blue Devils, they are 10-1 and look to continue the positive momentum. While the Blue Aces offense has not been particularly great, ranked 26th in Division 3 with 32.2 points per game, they have improved in recent weeks, averaging 38 points over their last 2 contests. The defense hasn't been much better statistically, giving up an average of 8.4 points per game, which ranks 4th in their division.

Bishop Hartley will look to continue the momentum of their 6-game winning streak, the most recent addition to which was a 14-8 win against the London Red Raiders last week, bringing their record to 10-1. The Hawks offense hasn't been particularly great this season in terms of point production, a trend which continues into recent weeks. Over their last 2 games, they've scored an average of 17 points - this season they've averaged 31.4, which ranks 29th in Division 3. On defense, they're not much better statistically. They rank 15th in their division, allowing 12.5 points per game. However, they have improved as the season's gone on, giving up an average of 6.75 points over their last 4.

Prediction: Bishop Hartley to win (98.80% chance of victory) 

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