Upper Arlington @ Winton Woods
Sunday, September 8, 2019
By HighSchoolBall.com Staff

The Winton Woods Warriors are heading into a week 3 matchup in which they're projected to win by a score of 30-19 over the Upper Arlington Golden Bears. While they go into Friday with a 99.79% chance of victory, the game isn't played on paper and the Warriors will need to earn it on the field. The Warriors rank 8th in the state while the Golden Bears rank 115th in the state and 35th in Division 1. The Golden Bears come into the game with little regard for pregame statistical breakdowns - while the Warriors believe they are the superior team, the road team will not consider it an upset if they come away with the victory. Having matched up in 2018, there is a degree of familiarity between the two. In 2018, the Warriors defeated the Golden Bears by a score of 52-45.

While it's early in the season, Upper Arlington does not look in any better of a situation than they were last year regarding playoff contention. They finished last season 5-5 and come into the week with a current record of 1-1. Currently projected at 10th in the region, they'll need every win they can get to earn a spot in the playoffs. On defense, the strength of the team, they rank 20th in Division 1, giving up 14.5 points per game. Offensively, scoring 29 points per game, they rank 26th.

Winton Woods comes into the week 2-0 after a 49-0 win against the West Clermont Wolves last week. They are projected to finish the season 5-4, which would place them around 10th in the regional playoff standings. The Warriors are one of the best teams in Division 2 on both sides of the ball. Their offense, ranked 7th in the division, scores 42.5 points per game. The Warriors defense ranks 2nd, giving up 3.5.

Prediction: Winton Woods to win (99.79% chance of victory) 

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