Hillsdale @ Northmor
Sunday, November 3, 2019
By HighSchoolBall.com Staff

Anything can happen in the playoffs. This is why the Northmor Golden Knights come into the first round expecting a victory over the Hillsdale Falcons, despite the fact the Falcons are projected to win the game by a score of 36-18. The playoffs are the best time of the year but also come with a great deal of drama as many powerhouses will even see their seasons cut short. Each week, it's do or die and, after this week is complete, half of the current playoff teams will be eliminated. Hillsdale comes in as Division 6's 15th-ranked team. Northmor comes in ranked 25th. The teams did not appear on each other's schedules last season, which presents a degree of unpredictability. Stylistically and schematically, past matchups are often used as a guiding tool. This week, however, each team will likely take time to adjust to an unfamiliar opponent, which should make for some added excitement.

Hillsdale is 7-3 after their 15-8 win against the Waynedale Golden Bears last week. This week, they look to build on that victory on the way to what they hope will be a strong finish to the season. Particularly in recent weeks, the Falcons offense has struggled to put points on the board. In their last 2 games, they've put up an average of 17.5 points per game. Throughout the course of the season, they've averaged 25.2, which ranks 52nd in Division 6. On defense, they haven't been any better statistically, ranking 16th in their division, allowing 14.5 points per game.

For Northmor, Saturday is a chance to expand on a 4-game winning streak after their 49-7 win against the Marengo Highland Fighting Scots brought their record to 9-1. The Golden Knights offense is one of the most high-powered in their division, particularly in recent weeks. For the year, they rank 22nd in Division 6 with 35.8 points per game. Over the last 2 weeks, they've scored an average of 35.8. On defense, they've been just as strong. Allowing just 15.3 points per game over the course of the season, their defense ranks 18th in their division. Over the last 3 weeks, they've been even more proficient, giving up just 11.67 points per game.

Prediction: Hillsdale to win (53.41% chance of victory) 

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