Leipsic @ Crestline
Sunday, September 29, 2019
By HighSchoolBall.com Staff

Friday's road team, the Leipsic Vikings are looking to continue what's looking like a run at the playoffs as they take on the Crestline Bulldogs. The Vikings are already in good shape, projected to finish 7th in the Region 26 playoff standings. On the other hand, the Bulldogs are projected to finish 17th in Region 26, which would not earn them a playoff berth. Leipsic comes into the game as the favorite, projected to come away with a 42-8 victory. The Vikings rank 13th in Division 7 while the Bulldogs rank 88th in Division 7. Leipsic will look to go on the road and humiliate the Crestline Bulldogs in their own back yard. A new game on the schedule for both teams, it should shape out as an unpredictable affair. Strategically, this might lead to complications that could throw off the gameplan of either team.

Looking to build upon their 5-game winning streak, Leipsic comes into the week at 5-0. After their 52-14 win against the Arcadia Redskins, they are confident in their ability to finish strong. Thus far, they've been one of the best teams in their division on both sides of the ball. Their 35.6 points per game ranks 8th in Division 7 while their 15.2 points allowed per game ranks 19th.

Looking to rebound from a 33-0 loss against the Arlington Red Devils last week, Crestline will try to establish momentum early and sustain it throughout. The Bulldogs aren't particularly dominant on either side of the ball. On offense, they rank 86th in Division 7 with 13 points per game. Their defense, which gives up 30 points per game, ranks 75th in their division.

Prediction: Leipsic to win (99.92% chance of victory) 

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