Patrick Henry @ St. Paul
Sunday, November 10, 2019
By Staff

The playoffs are in full force and, in the second round, comes what could turn out to be one of the best matchups of the entire season. The St. Paul Flyers have earned homefield advantage and will face one of their biggest challenges of the year in the Patrick Henry Patriots. The Patriots are projected to win the game 24-22 but nobody truly knows what's in store for Sunday's game. It's do or die for each team as always in the postseason. Regardless of the outcome, each team can take comfort in the fact that they had a successful enough season to get here, but only one team will be satisfied with the result as the other's season will end on a loss. The Patriots, one of the top teams in Division 7, come into the game ranked 9th. The Flyers come in ranked 5th. A new matchup on the schedule for each team, Sunday's game is a chance for each to test its skills and strategies against an unfamiliar opponent. Stylistically and schematically, past matchups are often used as a guiding tool. This week, however, each team will likely take time to adjust to an unfamiliar opponent, which should make for some added excitement.

Patrick Henry comes into the game on a 2-game winning streak. After last week's 26-14 win against the Arlington Red Devils, they are 8-3 and look to continue the positive momentum. The Patriots rank 16th in Division 7 on offense, scoring an average of 32.2. However, over the last 3 weeks, their average is down to 24.33 points per game. Their defense gives up an average of 20.9 points per game, which ranks 35th in their division - in their last 2 games, they've improved, giving up an average of 14 points.

After a 35-21 win against the Edon Bombers brought their record to 9-2, St. Paul will be looking to carry that momentum over and earn another victory. The Flyers offense is the 10th-ranked offense in Division 7, scoring an average of 35.3 points per game over the course of the season. In their last 2 games, however, they haven't been quite as explosive as they've averaged 17.5 points per game. While their defense has given up more points than usual in recent weeks, they deserve every bit as much of the credit for this season's successes as the offense. Over the course of the season, they've given up an average of 9.7 points per game, which ranks 4th in their division.

Prediction: Patrick Henry to win (91.14% chance of victory) 

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