Valley View @ Clinton-Massie
Sunday, November 3, 2019
By Staff

The Clinton-Massie Falcons come into the opening round of the playoffs projected to get a victory over the Valley View Spartans by a score of 34-19. However, anything can happen in the playoffs so you can throw mathematical predictions out the window. It's do or die for each team as always in the postseason. Regardless of the outcome, each team can take comfort in the fact that they had a successful enough season to get here, but only one team will be satisfied with the result as the other's season will end on a loss. Valley View comes in as Division 4's 15th-ranked team. Clinton-Massie comes in ranked 3rd. A new game on the schedule for both teams, it should shape out as an unpredictable affair. Strategically, this might lead to complications that could throw off the gameplan of either team.

Looking to build upon their 3-game winning streak, Valley View comes into the week at 8-2. After their 35-0 win against the Brookville Blue Devils, they are confident in their ability to finish strong. The Spartans have boasted one of Division 4's best offenses all season, averaging 33.4 points per game, which ranks 19th. In their last 3 games, they've been even better, scoring 37.33 points per game. Nevertheless, the defense could actually be the true strength of the team, which they've shown in their most recent contests. Over the last 2 games, they've allowed only 3 points per game. However, success on defense isn't just a recent trend - on the season, their defense ranks 17th in their division, allowing 15.3 points per game.

Clinton-Massie is no stranger to winning recently as they come off of a 8-game winning streak, including last week's 63-24 win against the Wilmington Hurricane. That brings their record to 9-1 as they look to add another notch to the win column. Scoring an average of 42.7 points per game on offense, the Falcons rank 3rd in Division 4. They've been even more dominant in recent weeks, scoring an average of 57 over their last 3 games. While their defense has given up more points than usual in recent weeks, they deserve every bit as much of the credit for this season's successes as the offense. Over the course of the season, they've given up an average of 10.9 points per game, which ranks 4th in their division.

Prediction: Clinton-Massie to win (99.59% chance of victory) 

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